Duck of the Month - July (Subscription)

Duck of the Month - July (Subscription)

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Subscribe and save! This is for our MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION

Our Duck of the Month! You can order as an individual and get the one in the photo, or if you subscribe, you will get the current duck of the month. (may vary from the photo) Subscribers ON or AFTER the 15th of the month will get the following months duck as an early release! We will typically ship them the last week of the month so that you should have them before they are released to the public! So if you order on June 15th, you will get the July's duck, NOT the one pictured, so if you want the one pictured, make sure you order that individually 

Each month we will come out with a new limited edition item! Sales of that item will only last through that month (for most! Some may extend) so if you see it, grab it,because you may never see it again! Sale is for ONE duck, unless otherwise noted. 

3 month minimum for cancellations, log into your account to cancel or pause anytime after 

** These come made to order, so please allow a few extra days for production

** DuK's are made from PLA plastic, which can warp in extreme heat. 120-140F heat has shown to cause warping on PLA parts that are under stress, (mounts, arms, thinner parts) These DuK's should not be under any stress, but we urge you to take that into consideration on extremely hot summer days, where car dash locations may reach these temperatures. Our suggested advice is to keep them indoors where moisture, heat and UV rays are not an issue, however, in most cases, they should stand up fine in your car.