Buk’n Bigfoot
Buk’n Bigfoot

Buk’n Bigfoot

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Bigfoot can WHEEL! 
sold as individual 

*These take 3 times longer to make with the multi color pattern, but so worth it!, We made the duck slightly smaller than our normal ducks to allow for the added Bigfoot!

** These come made to order, so please allow a few extra days for production

** DuK's are made from PLA plastic, which can warp in extreme heat. 120-140F heat has shown to cause warping on PLA parts that are under stress, (mounts, arms, thinner parts) These DuK's should not be under any stress, but we urge you to take that into consideration on extremely hot summer days, where car dash locations may reach these temperatures. Our suggested advice is to keep them indoors where moisture, heat and UV rays are not an issue, however, in most cases, they should stand up fine in your car.