Little Warriors Patch Club - Jackson

Little Warriors Patch Club - Jackson
Meet Little Warrior Jackson. 

Hi my name is Jackson and I am 5 years old. I have Aspergers which falls on the Autism Spectrum. When I was younger my voice was very quiet, I struggled to make eye contact and I had a hard time carrying on conversations. These are all things that people on the spectrum can have difficulty with. My mom started having me say “Hi” and “Be Safe” whenever we would see police officers. Now, I greet them excitedly and I love to tell them about my service dog, Chase. When I grow up I want to be just like the brave men and women that wear badges and keep us safe. My dream is to be a K9 handler and to show the world that you don’t have to have super powers to be a super hero!


  • Kevin Sauls


    I really enjoyed reading your post, you are a warrior indeed. I am a officer that helps and works with my departments K9’s. I want to be a K9 handler as well. I have two younger brothers that both have Aspergers they also love dogs, especially police dogs. Keep up the good work brother, you’ll be a handler before you know it!

  • B.J. Thomason

    Me and you have something in common Jackson, 5 is when I decided I wanted to be in law enforcement too. You can be whatever you want to be little brother. I think you’d make a fine K9 officer, for any and all departments. Thanks for your support of us and the interest you have in our profession. You ever need anything, you holler, we’re all a big family behind the badge.

  • Mitch Studdard

    Hey I would love to link up and send Jackson a patch from my agency in Georgia.

  • Scott West

    Hey Jackson this is retired officer Scott West. I had a stroke in 2016 which as ended my career as a police officer after 24 years.
    I understand about the speech problem I went through that after my stroke.
    Keep up the warrior attitude and God in your heart and you’ll go far.
    Thank you and your family for the support.
    You are a true hero in my book buddy.
    Scott West

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