Hey! I’m Megan! I’m a southern born and raised mama of 3. I grew up in GA and now live in TN, I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else! I was raised to love and respect our great nation and those who serve it. We couldn’t exist without the fearless protection of our freedoms from our LEO and military. It’s important to me that my children also understand the great privilege of being an American. When I’m not moming, I’m in the gym chasing the gains. I started getting into weightlifting a few years ago as a way to manage chronic pain and became addicted. To me, health and fitness are a top priority because I’ve been unwell, and I know how little everything else matters when your body is weak and sick. I love to connect with and encourage other women to find their confidence to go after what they want! You can find me outside all summer soaking in the sun, and bundled by the fire all winter! I’m so excited to be a part of Prostaff!