Hey I’m Keenan (@keenantjohnson27).  I’m a Deputy Sheriff in SC. Started with public service as an EMT/Paramedic and then switched over after 8 years when I joined our Special Response Team (SWAT) and a year ago I joined our Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team. I am also a part of our Criminal Investigations Division. 

My real job is at home with my two kids. They are my world and the reason why I work hard and push myself daily. I live in the gym and push myself hard to make sure I come home at the end of every shift to my family. This place here at First Warrior has become a home to me and these people, these warriors have become my family. I would lay down my life for my family and that still rings true here. First Warrior isn’t just a clothing brand it’s a family and a way of life. Come check us out!