Hi,  I’m Jazzy! (@jazzyhagar). Born in DC and reside in the DMV area. I am blessed with three beautiful children and being a LEO wife adds the cherry on top. I love going to car shows, baseball games and favorite season is Autumn. 


My aspiration in life is to make people smile and live life to the fullest. Be the sunshine wherever you go, you may never know what battles someone is fighting silently so showing the love and compassion leads to hope. I strongly believe God makes us all warriors because He knows how strong we are to face any type of challenges.  


I am humbled and honored to be a prostaff for First Warrior and supporting our military and first responders is our calling.  Besides being an apparel brand, we are a strong family who has your back, lift each other up and support each others journey. Each one of us is a special piece to the First Warrior puzzle and we are growing old together each day. 


Here’s to making life brighter because you’re a gem. xx