Hi all, I'm Ellie, and I’m 5 feet of tiny but mighty! I’m currently a special agent on a federal task force, down in the beautiful sunshine state. I specialize in high tech cyber crimes, and internet crimes against children. 


I’ve been a police officer since 2012, and absolutely love every bit of what I do. I am a LEOW, and an overly obsessed dog mom.  My dog Ares, is my best friend and my heart outside of my body. 


In my spare time, you can catch me spending quality time with friends and family, or in the dance studio. I am part time dance teacher, and love watching my kids leave their hearts on the dance floor. 


I joined this team because i am moved by the power of purpose. There is nothing better than being surrounded by like minded people, who all embrace the freedom to be unique; and the freedom of this beautiful country. First Warrior are friends who have become family, and I am forever grateful. ♥️🤘🏻👑