Little Warriors Patch Club - Kaylee

Little Warriors Patch Club - Kaylee

Meet Little Warrior Kaylee. She is 10 years old. I am currently a narcotics investigator for the Air Force and have been in over 11 years but am separating soon and becoming a deputy sheriff in Florida. My daughter always likes to hear my stories of the day and is always worried for my safety but she loves he fact that I am helping people and taking bad guys off the streets. As a military child she has been through a lot, me being deployed when she was young, long nights and multiple moves. She is very excited about me becoming a deputy and always points out law enforcement vehicles when she sees them. She loves collecting things no matter what they are and I would love for her to collected something that has a meaning to her and us as a family. She already has a couple patches from the military but not any from LE 


  • Larry

    I am a retired NYC Health and Hospitals Police Officer. I would love to send Keylee one of our patches. Is there an address I can mail it to. Thank you.

  • Officer Mariza Garcia

    I would love to send you a patch. Let me know how it’s best to send.
    Thank you for your service!
    -Officer Garcia

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