Charles Chibitty

D-Day, Normandy Invasion. "Fighting is fierce. We need help." That was the first message radioed by Charles Chibitty in his Comanche language. He and sixteen Comanche comrades of the Comanche Signal Corp were part of the Normandy invasion forces. As they took the beachhead, the Comanche Code Talkers begin sending messages that the enemy never decoded. Military experts believe the Comancheís are credited with saving thousands of lives and instrumental in the success of this historic invasion.

The Comanche phrase posah-tai-vo meaning "crazy white man" was used for Adolph Hitler.

Charles Chibitty was awarded the Knowlton Award (Military Intelligence Award) and the Citizenís Award for Exceptional Service and numerous other medals. The French Government honored the Comanche Tribe with the Chevalier of the National Order of Merit for their elite Code Talkers.

Thank you Charles for your dedicated service.

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